Full Article: Tesla shows off a new Panasonic-made low-profile residential solar panel By: Darrell Etherington Tesla is still hoping to begin installations of its solar roof tile product later this year, but that’s not really a great option unless you’re building new

How Technology Is Changing The Architecture Profession More Than Ever Before Full Article By: Marc Kushner It’s no secret that architecture and technology go hand in hand—just take a swipe through our project database to see a deluge of stunning structures that

5 Ways Technology Has Improved Family Communications Full Article By: Sara Elliott Remember the days when Junior was glued to the TV and dad had his head buried in the newspaper? Times have changed. Your kids are probably texting with their friends

Vera announces support for automated Office 365 document security Full Article By: Ron Miller Vera, the company that secures documents in motion, regardless of the type, announced automated protection for Office 365 documents stored in OneDrive for Business or SharePoint today. Today’s announcement means that

Fitbit acquires the Vector smart watch startup, as the wearable giant continues its roll-up Full Article By: Mike Butcher Well this is a relatively fast exit. In March last year a brand new smart watch brand appeared, hoping to offer something different.

Activate your smart home with Knocki By: Anthony Ha What happens when you mix two software dudes, a little kid, and a light switch? You get the Knocki, a clever little device that connects to a wall or under a table. You can tap

2017 Will Be A Strong Year For Venture Capital  By: Matt Murphy What does my crystal ball say about the outlook for venture capital in 2017? The building blocks of a better year are in place. Many venture capital firms are flush

Full Article: LG's Tone Studio neck speakers are less crazy than you'd think By: Chris Velazco Image: Still, they're not for everyone. When LG announced its neck-worn earbud/speakers, a collective groan went up in the Engadget Slack channel. The Tone Studio was ridiculous, or

Full Article: Kuri home robot can read to your kids and watch your home By: Jon Fingas Image: The cute mechanical companion is even relatively affordable! You may not have to wait for the likes of ASUS' Zenbo to cross the ocean before

Full Article: LG rolls up OLED TV, smokes my mind (hands-on) By: David Katzmaier Image: One of the most amazing pieces of tech I've ever seen, let alone touched, is a TV so thin you can roll it up like a piece

Full Article: #UberChopper is the most Vegas way to book a ride this CES By: Claire Reilly Image: Google Just order your UberX via your smartphone to take you to your personal chopper ride over the Las Vegas Strip. And just like that, we

You can 3D-print your own Trek-style tractor beam, really By: Erik Mach Image: Asier Mairzo First researchers created a tractor beam that levitates, pulls and pushes objects, just like in Star Trek. Then they modified the design so you can make one at

Full Article: Canada declares High Speed Internet essential for quality of life By: William Gayde Image: Speeds must be 50Mbps down and 10Mbps up The Canadian Radio-television and Telecom Commission has declared that broadband internet is now a basic telecommunications service. While most Canadians live

Full Article: New text message vulnerability sends iOS' Messages into an endless crash loop By: Jose Vilches Image: Google A recently discovered bug in Apple’s iOS can crash and disable the Messages app on all iPhone models with a single text message — yes, another

Full Article: CNN uses Fallout 4 to illustrate Russian hacking activities; Bethesda responds with mocking tweets  By: Rob Thubron Image: Video games being used as footage for real-life news stories isn’t a new phenomenon, but it’s still quite amusing when it happens. Now, CNN

Full Article: The Year’s Biggest Hacks, From Yahoo To the DNC By: Lily Hay Newman Image: In many ways, forces were already in motion to make 2016 the biggest year of corporate and government hacks yet. Company breaches have been on the rise

Full Article: Chrysler’s ‘Portal’ Concept Minivan Is for … Millennials? By: Eric Adams Image: Chrysler FRESH OFF A major overhaul of its stalwart Pacifica minivan, Chrysler has set its sights on the frisky millennials who will soon be queuing up for family-friendly transportation. The

Full Article: You Don't Need A Security Camera To Monitor Your Home- Check Out Aura Instead By: Lulu Chang Image: Who says “security” and “camera” have to always go hand in hand? Certainly not Cognitive Systems, who launched Aura at CES in Las

Full Article: A Slew Of New Tango Augmented Reality Apps Coming to Lenovo's PHAB 2 PRO By: Kyle Wiggers Image: Lenovo’s Phab 2 Pro is a remarkable — if flawed — smartphone. It’s one of the largest phones we’ve ever seen, for starters,

Full Article: Mattel's new Artistotle smart baby monitor wants to make parenting easier By: Lulu Chang Image: Maybe parenting doesn’t have to be so hard in 2017. Leveraging technology for the sake of weary (and wary) mothers and fathers everywhere is toymaker Mattel, who

Full Article: The Biggest Security Threats Coming in 2017 By: Wired Staff Image: Whether it was  a billion compromised Yahoo accounts or state-sponsored Russian hackers muscling in on the US election, this past year saw hacks of unprecedented scale and temerity. And if

Full Article: Some Google Nexus and Pixel devices are shutting down before the battery is drained By: Ryan Whitmwam Image: Smartphone battery life has been a struggle over the years, and we’re just now starting to make some progress. There are phones you

Full Article: The 4 tech trends that will shape 2017, predicted by ZDNet editors Image: By: Jason Hiner As we do each week, the editors of ZDNet will continue to put our heads together in 2017 and give you our weekly Monday Morning

Full Article: Why iPhone production isn’t coming to the United States By: Ryan Whitman Image: Apple is not the top seller of smartphones in the world — not even close. It does, however, have the vast majority of smartphone profits in the world

Full Article: Two dryers, one machine: Samsung's craziest appliance ever? By: Megan Wollerton Image: Let's face it, laundry day just isn't fun. Fortunately, large appliance manufacturers have been hard at work in 2016 dreaming up new ways to to simplify this otherwise arduous

Full Article: Technology Allows Amazon to Protect Its Drones From Your Guns By: Carli Velocci Screenshot: What’s more important than the privacy of Amazon’s customers in the beginnings of the drone era? The safety of the drones from Amazon customers. Amazon filed a patent

Full Article: Storage in 2017: Big improvements are on the way By: Robin Harris Image: If 2016 wasn't tumultuous enough for you - the world's largest storage company sold itself to Dell - you ain't seen nothin' yet. The pace of change in

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